Studio Lighting with JJ Constantine

March 10th, 12:00AM - 8:00PM

Void Studios, 1790, S. Bannock St, Denver, CO 80223

Welcome to the introductory workshop by an award-winning fashion photographer, JJ Constantine

This workshop is intended for a beginner to an intermediate photographer who wants to venture into an exciting realm of studio photography.

This is an in-person workshop with a limited spaces available (8 total), please see overview below. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Course Outline (8 hours plus lunch)

  • 1.   Introductions
  • 2.   Overview of studio photography
  • 3.   Equipment and Settings
  • 4.   Equipment explained (lenses, settings etc)
  • 5.   Tethering (using Capture One)
  • ------- Short break --------
  • 6.   Studio light types (monolights vs continuous)
  • 7.   Light modifiers - differences and when to use them
  • 8.   Exposure and tuning
  • 9.   Light theory
  • ------- Lunch ---------------
  • 9.   Exposure types - shooting "flat", high and low key
  • 10. Light, camera, subjects position and how it affects the feel of the exposure
  • 11. Basic light setups (1, 2 with intro to advanced lighting - 3+ lights)
  • 12. Fashion vs. portrait vs. beauty - why are they different (choosing correct equipment and setup)
  • ------- Break ---------------
  • 12. Setting up the space and shot
  • 13. Tuning exposure
  • 14. Student shots of the model and hand on trials

Cost and Registration

Total cost for this workshop is $450.

Void Studios Members can request an individual coupon for a $125 off (please contact Void Studios - coupon is a one time use only and cant be shared)

There are only 8 spots available, so please reserve your spot early.

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