Void Studios FAQs

What is your address/location?

Void Studios are located right off south Broadway (SOBO). A 5-min walk from the Evans light rail station and a walking distance from many great restaurants. Easy access to the i-25 and Santa Fe dr (highway 85).
Our address is:
1790 S. Bannock st, Denver, CO 80223.

Whatís the parking situation?

We have private parking on the west side of the building dedicated to our customers. And thereís plenty of free street parking all around the building.

Does the studio has garage/ car access?

Yes, we have a garage access to the big studio (studio A) with a full size ramp. Studio A can fit up to 6 cars on the cyc wall.

Is your staff COVID-19 vaccinated?

Yes, all Void Studios staff are vaccinated and we adopt the local guidelines to limit the spread of the disease.

Is the building accessible?

Yes. The studio is street-level, no stairs and we have a garage door access.

Are there any props in the studio?

Yes, we have a large variety of props, furniture, decor items and always expanding our inventory. All are included in the rental.

Do you allow outside food and drink in the studio?

Yes, itís allowed. Cleaning is required after you finish eating/ drinking. Any trash left behind (outside the designated trash and recycle bins) will require an additional cleaning fee.

Does the studio have professional lighting equipment?

Yes, we have Bowens, Profoto, and additional LED video and panel lights.

Are pets allowed in the studio?

Small-medium sized dogs are allowed. A leash is required at all times. Contact us for information regarding any other types of pets and requirements.

Is somking/vaping allowed in the studio?

No. We do not allow smoking or vaping inside the studio.

Do you build sets/ designs?

Yes, we do sometimes build sets, depending on the concept and the size of the project. We have all kind of wood machinery and the skill to use them. We also have the creative wall in studio B which is great for creative small projects (can be utilised with paints, wallpaper, fabrics, etc).

Do you have a green screen?

Yes, we are ready to paint any part (or all) of the cyc wall with professional chroma green paint. An additional fee will be added to cover the paint cost.

What time are we allowed to arrive before the booking session?

You're welcome to arrive 15 mins before your booking time and start setting up. And we allow a 10-15 mins grace period at the end of your booking time. Any extension past 15 mins of your booking time will add an hour rate to your rental.

Do you host events in the studio?

Yes, we host our own events (fashion shows, meet-ups, networking parties, photography workshops, etc). And we do rent the space for all kind of events/ parties at reasonable rates. We have chairs, tables, couches, projectors and a sound system installed.

Do you provide photography and/ or lighting workshops in the studio?

Yes, we provide workshops every a few months. Contact us for details and dates.